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Making MICE events more eco-friendly!

At Bespoke Business Events we know that sustainability is key in addressing global issues! As a conscientious agency, we are proactive and put our theories into practice where we can by incorporating sustainability into our client programmes. As professional event planners, it is an essential element to consider in the modern world we live in. It’s not only for our planet, but for our client’s ethics and their brand, too

We can proudly say that we deliver PCO and DMC services in two officially ‘Green’ destinations – Cardiff and Belfast. A recent Go Compare survey placed Belfast as the 3rd greenest UK city, closely followed by Cardiff in 4th place. We are delighted, as it makes our job a little easier when working with our suppliers curating eco-friendly programmes!

From our company’s own CSR perspective, we are enthusiastic members of the Centre for Alternative Technology, based in mid Wales. CAT’s mission is to ‘inspire, inform and enable people to achieve practical solutions for sustainability’. Therefore, we continue to invest professionally in this area, developing our sustainability knowledge by attending events, webinars, articles, blogs and dedicated social media platforms focusing on the topic and highlighting the latest trends.

Here are our top 5 basic tips on considering this element of CSR in event planning;

1. Thinking ahead 

We think about sustainability from the start. After our client has briefed us on their requirements and their sustainability goals, we ensure we create a programme that is as eco-friendly as possible.

Selecting more city centre based accommodation and activities can help to reduce transportation and lower pollution levels in the environment. Not a problem for us…as both our destination capitals are walkable cities!

We are mindful when ordering food, making sure the correct quantities are ordered, in an attempt to eliminate waste. However, should we experience food waste, we go that extra mile, working with local food banks and homeless shelters donating any leftover food from our events where health and safety and red tape allows.

2. Venue selection 

When it comes to venues and making an eco-friendly choice it is important to get this one right from the outset. From electricity, catering and refillable water stations to the overall eco-friendly feel of the event environment. Ask the venues for their sustainability credentials.

3. Go digital

It is the more efficient, sustainable and now expected answer in this modern digital world. We love technology and all it can offer our clients especially our conference delegates. Not only do event apps act as an efficient, quick and accessible point for important effect information, it is the most environmentally friendly approach

4. Suppliers 

In our opinion local is best! We source local suppliers as much as possible to give our clients a ‘sense of place’ but also helps limit the various carbon footprints. We are lucky to work with an abundance of high-quality preferred supplier lists in both Wales and Northern Ireland.

5. Promote your ‘Green Vision’ 

Don’t be afraid to shout about your own business initiatives and practices. You will be surprised in your client’s interest in what you’re doing in this area – just as you are, when making your own supplier choices.

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