ICC Wales is Open!



I have finally seen it – twice!

… excuse my excitement folks but after numerous ‘hard hat’ tours over 18 months with Meet in Wales and Events Are GREAT projects as well as our own clients I have now been to two events in ICC Wales.

Trying not to be biased, as I will always have an emotional connection to this venue, having watched its development, construction and opening with great pride. I can honestly say that it more than lived up to expectations!

From the abundance of natural daylight, views of ancient woodland, organiser private showers thoughtfully close to the foyer, registration booths and signage included in the price, to the individual coloured ceiling light ‘squares’ to help map the way for attendees when in the biggest pillar -free gala dinner space in Europe. Let’s not forget the water stations with bottles sitting ready for use… and of course the fabulous locally fabricated steel red dragon standing proud on the front pavilion (that yes, can take lorries and marquees etc).

Couple this with a team that are professional, engaging and obviously so excited and brimming with pride, we can’t wait to book our first event and work in this space, as a Welsh PCO and DMC, playing our part in bringing in inspiring #BusinessEvents to Wales.

… and let’s not forget what this could bring to the Welsh economy, with an overall UK market estimate of £42.3bn worth of business annually.

They say ‘build it and they will come’ and so they did… and so they are!

Looking to the future…

There’s already a long and prestigious list of Business Tourism industry events that have confirmed for the next few months, who will, more importantly bring with them the best kind of attendee – international Business Events ‘influencers’, buyers and key decision makers.

Here’s to ICCA UK/Ireland Chapter Annual Conference in March, VisitBritain Business Events flagship event  MeetGB & NI in April, the International Golf Travel Market in June – the first time it has ever been to the UK.

It won’t be long until Wales will be enjoying its very own piece of this lucrative pie and I’m convinced the ripple effect in the future will be more than people realise. We’ve seen the way this works with our own Northern Irish office and how the extended ICC Belfast has provided a catalyst for larger events in that country.

So, it’s ‘llongyfarchiadau’ to the teams at Welsh Government and the Celtic Manor Resort, of which this world class venue is an exciting joint venture

#MeetinWales   #CroesoiGymru … And our own strap-line, of what we do:


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